Energy independence: Yes, we can (published in ARA, on July the 12th, 2015)

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Foto de: Jaume Ignes (EFE)

Energy independence: yes, we can


“If the citizens of Catalonia had sovereignty over its energy system, they would gain considerably in various areas that, in general, depend little on the party in power or parliamentary majorities”.

These are the words that lead off a report summarizing the conclusions of the 2nd Catalan Energy Congress (CoEnerCat). The speakers hoped to answer the following question: what would we gain in terms of Catalonia’s energy system, if we were an independent nation?

At a time when we need in-depth arguments and reflections on the risks and opportunities presented by the possible independence of Catalonia, the question of energy is, undoubtedly, one of the most critical issues.

Broadly speaking, it’s worth emphasizing at least two points. First: we currently have the infrastructure to guarantee energy supply and distribution to the entire country, as detailed in CATN’s Report 9 (1). And second: independence would allow us to bring in measures to have a better, more sustainable, accessible, and effective energy system. This is precisely where the conclusions of CoEnerCat make a magnificent argument.

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